EPDM rubber sheet


EPDM provides superior properties for outdoor and high temperature applications. EPDM has excellent resistance to temperatures, ozone and sunlight and good resistance to alkalis, acids and oxygenated solvents. Superior resistance to water and steam.


  • Common Name: EPDM, EP Rubber
  • Chemical Name: Ethylene propylene Terpolymer
  • Generally Resistant To: Oxidation, Ozone, Sunlight, Abrasion, Water and Alkalis
  • Generally Attacked By: Kerosene, Hydrocarbons, Solvents


  • Abrasion Resistance: Good to Excellent
  • Tear Resistance: Fair
  • Impact Resistance: Excellent
  • Flame Resistance: Poor

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  • Recommended Shelf Life: 5 to 10 years
  • Weather Resistance: Excellent
  • Sunlight Resistance: Outstanding
  • Ozone Resistance: Excellent
  • Oxidization Resistance: Excellent
  • Water Resistance: Excellent
  • Steam Resistance: Excellent
  • Gas Permeability: Fair to Good
Roll dimensions Material thickness
1400 x 15000 / 20000 mm 1-2 mm
1400 x 10000 mm 3-4-5-6 mm
1400 x 5000 mm 8-10-12-15-20-25-30 mm

* Possible to order rubber sheets with reinforcement

EPDM medium grade 65ShA


EPDM High Grade 65ShA


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