Abrasion resistance rubber sheet

KULUTUSAbrasion resistant rubber sheets are used in demanding environments, where it is important that the rubber would be resistant to constant abrasion and would be tougher than normal rubber. Abrasion resistant rubber sheets are used, for example, on the blades of plows, where they have to endure extremely demanding conditions.


  • Common Name: NR/SBR, abrasion resistant rubber
  • Chemical Name: polyisoprene / styrene-butadiene
  • Generally Resistant To: weather, water, UV, ozone, wear, bending, breaking, and punches
  • Generally Attacked By: Aromatic Oil30_70 ilmastik veekindlus copy UV copy kulmakindlus


  • Abrasion Resistance: good
  • Tear Resistance: excellent
  • Impact Resistance: good
  • Flame Resistance: good


  • Recommended Shelf Life: 5 to 10 years
  • Weather Resistance: outstanding
  • Sunlight Resistance:  very good
  • Ozone Resistance: very good
  • Oxidization Resistance: excellent
  • Water Resistance: excellent
  • Steam Resistance: fair to good
  • Gas Permeability: poor

It’s possible to order wear resistant rubber in thicknesses 10 – 50mm. We cut sheet according to our clients’ wishes.