Rubber sheets

Kumex OÜ offers a wide range of rubber sheets, from general purpose rubber sheets to specific special products, in order to find the best solution for each customer. The list of products we offer is found here.


*  Rolls                              *Sheets                                *Strips

Product dimensions:

We can offer you wide verity of different size of rubber sheets according to your needs.

Roll length Material thickness
1400 x 15000 / 20000 mm 0,5-1-2 mm
1400 x 10000 mm 3-4-5-6 mm
1400 x 5000 mm 8-10-12-15-20-25-30-40-50 mm

Polymer selection criteria:

Application/Polymer SBR CR NBR EPDM NR Silicone Abr. resist.
Abrasion Res.
 good good good good excellent poor outstanding
Tear Resistance
fair good good fair excellent poor excellent
Impact Res.
excellent good fair excellent excellent poor good
Impact Res.
poor excellent poor poor poor excellent good
Weather Res.
fair good poor excellent fair excellent excellent
Sunlight Res.
poor good poor outstanding poor excellent poor
Ozone Res.
poor good poor excellent poor excellent excellent
Oxidization Res.
fair good good excellent good excellent excellent
Water res. excellent excellent good excellent good excellent excellent
Steam res. fair poor fair excellent fair fair poor
Gas Perm.
fair fair fair fair fair poor poor

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